Emerging Practice Areas in Occupational Therapy

August 19th, 2014 by

Occupational Therapists Have Emerging PracticesAs an occupational therapist, you provide a skilled service, and yet can do so many different types of work with your degree. You’re trained in anatomy, human development and activity analysis, preparing you to work in an array of environments. [...] Read More

6 Typical Practice Settings for Occupational Therapists

August 14th, 2014 by

occupational therapy in homeOccupational therapists (OTs) can practice in a variety of settings, from community-based to more institutionalized environments. Typically, the specific population receiving OT determines the type of setting where services are provided. [...] Read More

How to Become A Speech Language Pathologist in 5 Steps

August 12th, 2014 by

how to become an slpBeing a speech language pathologist is not just a job, it’s a calling.  You will have to invest time and money and you will need patience and determination to complete the program. [...] Read More

5 Strategies Speech Therapists Can Use to Support Expressive Language Development in Children

August 7th, 2014 by

Speech Therapist with KidNormal language acquisition appears effortless (when everything is in good working order and development is ticking along). [...] Read More

Adult Rehabilitation: How Working with Adults Enriches the Therapist

August 5th, 2014 by

Speech therapist with patientIn order to become a Speech Therapist, you go to school for a long time. And after you’ve graduated, you tend to think “I’ve arrived!” Of course after the first week at your first job you find out you are just beginning. [...] Read More

How Music Can be Used Successfully in Speech Therapy

July 31st, 2014 by

music therapyIn my career as an SLP, I have seen how singing/music can be effective in treating speech and language disorders in all ages. [...] Read More